Investor Relations

Thank you for visiting Cyber Analytics’ Investor Relations page. We appreciate your interest in our company. This page offers information about our market position and financial performance for institutional investors, private equity officers and any party interested in learning more about investment opportunities with Cyber Analytics.


Cyber Analytics is committed to employ the latest technologies, systems, products and services in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain to better serve the energy industry in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors creating value to our customers, partners, employees and community.

Cyber Analytics intend to become an industry disruptor in the oil and gas industry through its patented AI products and services to revolutionize conventional practices using highly sophisticated data science, machine learning and cloud computing technologies.

Cyber Analytics is privately owned limited liability corporation (LLC) that employs award-winning scientists in artificial intelligence (AI) and petroleum engineering to develop and deploy AI concepts to create accuracy for E&P investors, producers, operators and service providers.

Cyber Analytics strategically operates offices and laboratories in Philadelphia (PA), Tampa (FL) and Dallas (TX) with staff of about 50 employees in various engineering disciplines (software, hardware, petroleum, electrical, mechanical), computer science and data science.

Cyber Analytics witnessed over 110% growth in revenues since its foundation in 2015. Cyber Analytics operates in a niche market that allowed us to be pioneers in the AI domain especially after major E&P companies, i.e. Total, BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, decided to enter the AI race and funded R&D initiatives in partnership with software giants like Microsoft and Google.

Competitive Advantage
Cyber Analytics is currently going through the filing of its first patented product. The product is a result of two decades of research and analysis in AI and machine learning and over fifteen years of experience with major Fortune 500 corporation and educational institutions in the North American market (Yahoo, Google, Baker Hughes, Aramco, California State University, University of Arizona, Oklahoma State University).

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